Monday, January 21, 2013

We're baaack

Holy cow!! Has it been a year already?!? I am going to try and do a quick review of 2012. My last post was that we booked our trip to here is an update
Snow!! We didnt get much of it, but Camden and the puppies enjoyed it when we did get it! This was taken in January.
Valentines Day 2012 :) March, Deegan turned 2! Crazy how fast he is growing up. Before we know it he will be talking and being just as crazy as Camden :)
April was kind of a big month.... I turned 29 and had a little shindig with a bunch of my friends and co-workers, family at Crazy Moose Casino. 29 isn't so bad after all! Jesse bought a new 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco & Camden started to Race BMX Bikes!
He had a few crashes that caused my heart to stop beating a few times, but he seemed to enjoy it (the few races he did). Maybe this year we can get him back out there to try again.
The end of April, Camden got a chance to do a little photo shoot for one of the local kids magazines around here. He did it, and enjoyed it. Did a couple single shots of him, and some groups shots of him and the 8-ish other kids who did it. To my surprise, one day I got this picture sent to me at work...
NO WAY!! Camden made the COVER of the magazine!!! It totally shocked me because I assumed they would do a group shot for the cover!! The end of May we took Camden to Silverwood Theme Park to get him ready for our BIG TRIP to California in October.....turned out to be a bust. He rode the rollercoasters but they scared the crap out of him. Dang it! We just hoped that his fear would be gone by the time we went to California. We went Camping MANY times throughout the spring, summer and fall. Too many places to name, but I think our absolute favorite spot was Silver Beach Resort in Naches, WA. Such a beautiful place. In June, I got to meet one of my nephews for the very first time. He is so adorable, and was a little talking maniac. Reminded me of Camden at that age. Camden started talking early...which at the time, I thought it was completely normal...but I guess maybe its not? He was our brilliant little baby that has turned into a brilliant little boy. Anyways, back to Noah, here he is
Don't let his look fool you, he LOVED his Auntie Jen. Seriously, he is so adorable.
SEE?! Told ya! :)I wish I would of got to see Brody but I am hoping to make it to South Carolina this year. (crossing my fingers) In July I did my very first "themed run". I did a 5k Foam Fest with my other family in Spokane. It was SO much fun but oh SO dirty! Back to School!! In August, Camden started 1st Grade How?? How is he this big already?? September was just kind of a big blur. Getting back into the routine of school, and me back at work Full Time. In October we went to California for a week with the parents (Scott & Denise). We had SO much fun. I have way too many pictures of that so I will make a separate post for just that, but here are a couple... Now, we all know that Camden has been OBSESSED with Cars basically since he was born, this was a huge deal for him Heck, who am I kidding, this little exhibit was a big deal for all of us. We are a bunch of car crazies :) When we got home from California, Camden turned 7!! And then...It was Halloween... Jesse turned 30 on November I threw him a SURPRISE party. And let me tell you, he was SURPRISED when walked in the door and found 50+ of his closest friends and family. One long time friend, even drove here all the way from Portland JUST for the party. So amazing :) Thanksgiving was nice and mellow this year. We had it at our cousin's Tye & Julies house. We also found out shortly before Thanksgiving that Josh and Lauren were going to have another baby in May 2013! Pretty exciting. December 18th, Jesse started his Short Term Disability for his upcoming surgery. December 20th, he had a Hernia repair. Christmas sucked for him because he was stuck at home. On Christmas Eve he sat at home in his chair while I went to Aunt Cindy's. Josh and Lauren did their "gender reveal" that evening, making Mom in Law, Denise...bawl her eyes out. They are having a GIRL! Christmas Day, I did a lunch at our house for My mom and Lance and then Jesse's family came over. It was a nice time and it was nice for Jesse to be able to have somewhat of a Christmas. We did Elf on the Shelf this year and had SO much fun with him!! Well that sum's up 2012....some pretty exciting news will be shared soooooon! Oh I almost forgot! Here are our new family portraits!! ENJOY!